History and Use of Lapel Pins in the Navy

In 1876, the chaplains did not have uniforms authorized for them and were to either wear civilian clothes or clothing that was appropriate according to their group of faith. Yet again there were changes in 1883, where the cross was included as a part of their uniforms. In 1894 again the chaplains did not have insignia as a part of their uniform. A final decision regarding the uniforms of chaplains was not reached until 1905, where the navy included custom lapelpin of gold cross as a part of the uniform.

Healthy Eating habits by Michael Digabriele

While food is a necessity of life, some people tend to take it too seriously. More than what you eat and when you eat, what matters the most is how much you eat. The right eating habits are most important factor in deciding your body health and wellness. In this article by Michael Digabriele, we will discuss the importance of eating in the right quantity.

•    Maintain the right calorie intake.

The human body takes in energy with its measure referred in terms of calories. There is a certain limit up till which the body’s requirement is satiated. The food consumed after this limit is crossed comes as the extra unnecessary weight your body puts on. Your daily meal menu must be such that the food you consume does not exceed the calorie bar and helps you stay healthy & fit. Substances with artificial sugar and salt content tend to be rich in calories, and therefore must be avoided in routine meal as much as possible. Michael Digabrielesays that lesser the calories you consume, more the closer you get to a healthier and a happier lifestyle.

•    Maintain a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is a pre-requisite for a healthy body and mind. A balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but in a balanced quantity. The human body needs a number of elements to work efficiently. Therefore, a balanced diet contains all these elements formulated in the right quantity, administered at the right time. In the view of Michael Digabrielea balanced diet holds vast importance in healthy eating habits.

•    Choose right.

When you go to a restaurant and take the menu in your hands, remember that the key to healthy body is healthyeating. As per Michael Digabriele, it is very essential that you choose the right dishes to eat without being pressurized. The habit of healthy eating should come naturally and not compulsorily. The day you make the right choice yourself, is the day that you need to leave your impending worries of having a healthy body.

•    Distribute your meals.

A distributed number of small quantity meals are better than lesser number with more quantity meals. As per Michael Digabriele, if you consume food in small quantities for an increased number of times, rather than feasting on grand meals for a lesser number of times in a day, you decrease your appetite slowly. The former method helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time, therefore making you consume lesser quantity of food in a day than you normally would.